Toy Box Blog: The Sqweel 2

Full Disclosure: I received this toy for free in exchange for an honest review. If you visit VivaPleasure.Com and use the code “JuniperViva”, you will receive a 15% discount plus FREE shipping! And I will receive 6-10% of the sale.

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9200000009380305I have been curious about the Sqweel for years now, and was kind enough to send one to me. (It also comes in black, if that’s important to you.)

When it arrived, my first impression was: Wow, this is a lot bigger than I expected it to be. But I unwrapped it immediately, fished 3 batteries out of a remote control (what? I’m used to rechargeable toys) and turned it on.

It has 3 speed settings, and 3 rotation settings: clockwise, counterclockwise, and flickering back and forth.

To use it, you have to slather it with water-based lube, because if you don’t, it’s just plain uncomfortable. In fact, you’ll find yourself reapplying as you go along. And when you’re finished, you must take it apart to clean it.

Turn Ons: The novelty of it. It feels like no other toy I’ve ever tried, and there’s always something tantalizing about the new. Don’t get me wrong: it doesn’t feel like oral sex. Not even close. But it also doesn’t feel like any of the vibrators I’ve tried before. 

Turn Offs: The flicker setting is actually really unpleasant. Maybe someone else might enjoy it, but not me. The necessity of copious amounts of lube, and the time it takes for proper cleaning means that this definitely isn’t an everyday staple. And it definitely doesn’t offer a quick route to climax.

Details: Requires 3 AAA batteries
Dimensions4 x 6 x 2 inches
Finish: 100% Silicone Tongues, Plastic Case
Shipping Weight: About 5.6 Ounces

Verdict: This is a good warm-up toy. The novelty of it is enough to get the giggles going for you and your partner, and I won’t deny that it feels good on the right setting. But by itself, it’s an awful lot of effort for not a lot of payoff. Of course, if you want to try it for yourself, you can get 15% off using the code “JuniperViva” at checkout.

Erotica Pairing

prod-naturalsHa, no, you need two hands and a lot of concentration to use this toy. But that’s not all you’ll need. Instead of the usual erotica pairing, I’m just going to suggest that you get this lube. Check out Sliquid H20, personal water-based lubricant for women, and don’t forget to use it generously along with your Sqweel 2.

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Toy Box Blog: Vanity by Jopen Vr6.5

If you visit VivaPleasure.Com and use the code “JuniperViva”, you will receive a 15% discount plus FREE shipping! And I will receive 6-10% of the sale. This review also appears on the VivaPleasure blog.


JO-4764-20-3_4Next up from Viva Pleasure: the Vanity by Jopen – Vr6.5, and let me just say straight away, right here at the top: If you’re in the market for a dual-action toy, buy this one. Do it now, and thank me later. 

You’re still here. You’re not convinced? Ok, fine, I’ll tell you why.

Inspired by the Rabbit (one of the world’s most popular sex toys), the Vanity Vr6.5 is a penetrative toy that also offers clitoral stimulation. Don’t be fooled by the picture: the two arms of this toy are very flexible, easily manipulated to adjust to your unique shape. And each arm has its own distinct vibrator in it, controlled by separate buttons.

The difference between this one and the first toy I reviewed is that this toy is perfectly contoured to hit the G-Spot. Shaped like a delicate wave and made of soft, seamless silicone, this toy is easy to insert and the buttons are easy to use: hold it down and the vibration intensifies. Press them once to turn the vibrations off. Which you’ll be doing faster than anticipated with this toy — I swear, it inspired one of the fastest orgasms I’ve ever had. There was no learning curve: just slide it into place, find your desired level of intensity in both arms, and enjoy.

Turn Ons: Beautiful design meets perfect performance. Add a few drops of water-based lube and find your bliss.

Turn Offs: I mean… I guess I don’t love that sometimes I forget which button controls which part of the vibrator? But, like… whatever. Also, the packaging is not of the quality you might expect from a luxury vibrator, but again: who cares?

Details: Waterproof, Whisper Quiet, Unscented, Non-Porous, and Hypoallergenic
Dimensions: 12.8 cm x 8.8 cm (5″ x 3.5″)
Finish: 100% Premium Silicone
Charge Time: About 3 hrs
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Verdict: The best dual-action vibrator I’ve ever tried. G-Spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, and beautiful design: what more could a girl want? Oh, a 15% off coupon code? You got it: use “JuniperViva” at checkout for the discount.


41olfzYn9JLA classic in the world of Erotica, Story of O is all about forbidden pleasures. Put 50 Shades of Grey down right this second and pick up Pauline Reage’s notorious novel of dark obsession. This book, plus the Vanity Vr6.5, and your significant other just might start to miss you…

Click here to check it out.

Toy Box Blog: Vitality by Leaf

BMS28213_1Full Disclosure: I received this toy for free in exchange for an honest review. If you visit VivaPleasure.Com and use the code “JuniperViva”, you will receive a 15% discount plus FREE shipping! And I will receive 6-10% of the sale. This blog post also appears on the Viva Pleasure website.


I got my very first toy from Viva Pleasure on Friday, and I could barely wait the 3 required hours to charge it before I gave it a try. I’d had my eye on the Leaf line for a long time, and I was so stoked to see that the quality of the product lived up to all the hype.

Inspired by a traditional rabbit vibe, Vitality by Leaf offers both internal and external stimulation options. The best part of this vibrator is that it has two different-sized leaves, and they each have separately controlled motors inside them. The smaller of the leaves offers a light, buzzing vibration, while the larger is deeper and more rumbly. The best part is that the arms are totally flexible, and able to conform to your unique shape.

When I got down to the, er, product testing, I determined that, for me, the vibration from the smaller of the two leaves wasn’t quite strong enough to get the job done. Not only that, but the larger leaf doesn’t hit the G-Spot when inserted. But then? I just… turned it around. And that’s when the fireworks started!

The rumbling vibrations were perfect for clitoral stimulation, and the lighter, buzzier vibrations offered just enough sensation when inserted to really get things going.

Turn Ons: The toy is beautifully designed. From the moment you open the recycled cardboard box with magnetic closures and see the USB charging cable inside the minimalist canvas carrying pouch, you’re dazzled by design. To say nothing of the 100% seamless green silicone in the shape of an exotic plant. I also think it’s fairly reasonable, price-wise, compared to other luxury vibes.

Turn Offs: The shape of the leaves themselves are not optimal for G-spot stimulation. I’m not sure why they decided to have them point out at the tips like that — it’s almost like they decided that aesthetics were more important than functionality.

Details: Waterproof, Travel-Ready, Phthalate-free
Dimensions: 12.8 cm x 8.8 cm (5″ x 3.5″)
Finish: 100% Seamless Silicone
Run Time: Up to 3 hrs
Charge Time: Approx. 2.5 hrs
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium
Vibration: Dual motors powered by PowerBullet® technology
Packaged Weight: 385 g (0.85 lbs)

Verdict: From packaging to performance, the Vitality by Leaf is a perfect starter rabbit-style vibe. But skip it if G-Spot stimulation is an essential for you.

51UFHyCZf-LErotica Pairing

Like pairing a fine wine with a good meal, allow me to suggest some steamy reading to go with this luscious vibe. Alien Alpha, where man-eating plants abound, will go perfectly with this natural-looking toy. I mean, look at that cover. It’s like the toy was designed to go with it!

Click here to check it out.

Orange is the New Black brings Alien Erotica to the Mainstream

In this video, actress Uzo Aduba — who plays Suzanne in the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black — discusses the element of Alien Erotica in the show. Her character was encouraged to explore her imagination and creative expression while in prison, and the writing she generates is explicit alien porn that her fellow inmates just eat up. (In fact, here is everything we know about Suzanne’s Time Hump erotica.)

As I am gearing up to release my first Alien Erotica book — and outlining my second — I got curious: Why is it so damned appealing? Some of the other niche genres are more straight forward: the billionaire is a Cinderella fantasy; the Bear Shifter is a hyper-masculine fantasy, etc. But what is it about monster erotica that people — myself included — are so into?

In an article for io9, Cecelia Tan said, “People who are buying erotic fiction for their Kindle are looking to be satisfied in all senses of that word. They want to be satisfied as readers of fiction, with exciting and intriguing stories, and they want to be satisfied sexually, which is why they are buying erotic fiction in the first place. I don’t think those who like mythological beings are fundamentally different from those who buy any other flavor of erotica. That’s like asking if people who satisfy their hunger with Thai food are somehow different from those who prefer Italian.”

Like Suzanne, and her incarcerated fanbase, they are wanting to fully engage their imaginations. Maybe that’s all it is: maybe fans of alien erotica are hoping to be more than just sexually stimulated. Maybe we want to see new worlds, experience new cultures, and read about things that could never happen in the world we inhabit. Maybe this type of Erotica — SciFi, Paranormal, Fantasy — is really just a fairy tale for grownups.

Zen & The Art of the Dick Pic

I don’t have much of a following on Facebook yet, but I’ve been trying to do what I can to grow my audience. As such, I sort of just unabashedly accept all friend requests. Maybe that was a dumb move.

Because, you guys, I just get tons of unsolicited dick pics. So many. In fact, that I posted this status to my page this morning:

Hi Friends, old & new!

I feel compelled to to make clear the following: This Facebook account is strictly for my erotica, which I sincerely hope you check out, sample, purchase, and enjoy thoroughly. To do that, please see my new website, with my brand new, shiny URL!

I accept all friend requests, largely because I don’t spend much time actually ON this account. Most of the content you see will be reposts from my website, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts.

That being said, I have had to turn off Facebook Chat because of the really just insane number of unsolicited dick pics I’ve received. It’s just crazy. I’ve been on sites like and AdultFriendFinder and FetLife and received fewer images of stranger’s dongs. Your junk does not impress me; stop sending it. Please, and thank you.

Now, with that unpleasant business out of the way, why not head to my website and snag one of my latest publications? It’ll give you something to do with all that genitalia.

Happy Reading –
*Juniper Leigh

So what is the deal with the cockshots? I just had to know. I mean, granted, I work on the fringes of the sex industry, but this is happening on Facebook, not on dating sites where it can be more safely inferred that I’m looking to get laid. So, I did what anyone in my situation would do. I Googled “Why Do Men Send Unsolicited Dick Pics To Strangers On The Internet?” Here are some of the responses I collected:

“I think that ‘lashing out’ towards women on online dating sites, whether harmless annoyance or genuine harassment, is caused by being ignored so thoroughly by so many women. After a while, women on these sites aren’t people with feelings; they’re just thousands of profiles who all seem to dislike you for completely unknown reasons. Dick pics are, I think, a very specific form of this harassment — probably from guys who are more on the narcissistic side and perhaps overly confident about their bodies… The end goal of this little game is to elicit some kind of reaction — good, bad, or otherwise.” —“Peter” [HA!] via Refinery 29.

“Men who send off penis pictures probably aren’t thinking at all, they’re responding to an unconscious, evolutionary urge likely inherited from our primate ancestors: male monkeys and apes routinely display their penis (usually erect) to females to indicate sexual interest.”— Ogi Ogas, cognitive neuroscientist, via

And, finally, niceguyfl86 said, “…because I am 100% convinced that my penis is the greatest thing in the world.” (Via PlentyOfFish) So. There you have it.

Furthermore! A surprising number of the aforementioned genitalia snapshots that I received were of flaccid members, and I just want to put this out into the universe: no one likes that. It doesn’t even look good on The David, and that shit is art. So, here are my Top Five Tips for Sending Dirty Pictures:

  1. Know the individual to whom you are interested in sending a snap of your cash and prizes.
  2. Ask him or her, “Would you like to see a picture of my junk?”
  3. Wait for their response. If — and only if — they reply with an unqualified “YES!” then drop trou and get to work.
  4. Make sure you’re at full attention, and remember that most women do not like disembodied penises as much as you think they do. So maybe snap it in the mirror, get a little ab and thigh action goin’ in that photo.
  5. Slap a filter on that bitch and make it all artistic. Because remember that once you put it out there, it’s out there for good. THE INTERNET IS FOREVER.

    And now, for the ladies who want to get all sexified and send a sultry selfie to the men and/or women in their lives, I give you this: Buzzfeed’s 33 Impossibly Sexy Boudoir Photo Poses. You’re welcome.