Toy Box Blog: The Sqweel 2

Full Disclosure: I received this toy for free in exchange for an honest review. If you visit VivaPleasure.Com and use the code “JuniperViva”, you will receive a 15% discount plus FREE shipping! And I will receive 6-10% of the sale.

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9200000009380305I have been curious about the Sqweel for years now, and was kind enough to send one to me. (It also comes in black, if that’s important to you.)

When it arrived, my first impression was: Wow, this is a lot bigger than I expected it to be. But I unwrapped it immediately, fished 3 batteries out of a remote control (what? I’m used to rechargeable toys) and turned it on.

It has 3 speed settings, and 3 rotation settings: clockwise, counterclockwise, and flickering back and forth.

To use it, you have to slather it with water-based lube, because if you don’t, it’s just plain uncomfortable. In fact, you’ll find yourself reapplying as you go along. And when you’re finished, you must take it apart to clean it.

Turn Ons: The novelty of it. It feels like no other toy I’ve ever tried, and there’s always something tantalizing about the new. Don’t get me wrong: it doesn’t feel like oral sex. Not even close. But it also doesn’t feel like any of the vibrators I’ve tried before. 

Turn Offs: The flicker setting is actually really unpleasant. Maybe someone else might enjoy it, but not me. The necessity of copious amounts of lube, and the time it takes for proper cleaning means that this definitely isn’t an everyday staple. And it definitely doesn’t offer a quick route to climax.

Details: Requires 3 AAA batteries
Dimensions4 x 6 x 2 inches
Finish: 100% Silicone Tongues, Plastic Case
Shipping Weight: About 5.6 Ounces

Verdict: This is a good warm-up toy. The novelty of it is enough to get the giggles going for you and your partner, and I won’t deny that it feels good on the right setting. But by itself, it’s an awful lot of effort for not a lot of payoff. Of course, if you want to try it for yourself, you can get 15% off using the code “JuniperViva” at checkout.

Erotica Pairing

prod-naturalsHa, no, you need two hands and a lot of concentration to use this toy. But that’s not all you’ll need. Instead of the usual erotica pairing, I’m just going to suggest that you get this lube. Check out Sliquid H20, personal water-based lubricant for women, and don’t forget to use it generously along with your Sqweel 2.

Click Here to check it out.

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